Do you...

...feel like life and relationships are a bit of an effort? goal after goal only to find that success highs are temporary?

...look for fugitive relief in Netflix, alcohol, exercise, yoga...? 

...have communication issues (in one or more languages!)?

...suspect that there is more to life than this?

Let me help you to reconnect with yourself and feel alive again.

Traditional coaching methods focus on changing the way you think, feel and act to get what you want.

Inside-Out Coaching reconnects you to your true potential through a new understanding of how the mind and communication work.

"Mind is not brain. Neither is it a thing or a thought. It is a psychic force which acts as a catalyst and turns thought, whatever, conscious or unconscious, into the reality you now see." - Sydney Banks.


Thanks to Emma I have overcome many challenges, from changing jobs to getting to know myself better. In my job I used terms such as “coaching” but I never really applied the concepts to myself and I felt frustrated. Emma helped me to find the way with the right questions. I started to understand myself better, putting all the pieces in order and achieving the objectives that we set at the beginning. The feeling of getting what you want is incredible. It’s just a case of waking up and going for it, and Emma is a great awakener.

Juan José García (Senior Project Manager, GFT Technologies)

Gracias al servicio de coaching de Emma pude cumplir uno de mis mayores sueños: trabajar en el extranjero. Dejé en España un trabajo que no me hacía feliz y conseguí en Londres un puesto de marketing digital. Me ayudó a definir mis objetivos, aumentar mi confianza y superar mis miedos. Trabaja duro y se nota en los resultados

Sandra de Pablo (Digital Ads Operations Assistant, Citywire)

After being recommended to me, I began to have sessions with Emma. I have to say they were extremely useful. Not just for obtaining fluency speaking English but also for my career and for job interviews. It’s a fantastic experience. I completely recommend Emma, as she gets 100% involved in the sessions. THANKS EMMA!

Beatriz Fernández (Graduate in Law and Economy at the U. Carlos III)

Emma is a magnificent professional. She asks you all the right questions to help you achieve your objectives, and she guides you in the search for the answers to achieve them in the most efficient and satisfactory way. And the most important part is that Emma motivates you to take on challenges, face new situations and take risks that help you to improve professionally, and above all to gain confidence. /On top of that she gives you the opportunity to learn new communication techniques in English, which is fundamental in the world of work today.

María Gómez (postdoctoral researcher, University of Groningen)

The sessions with Emma are really interesting and useful. They are not just useful to improve my English but also for my career and personal development. The session flies by. Thanks to these sessions I am achieving personal goals that I had been trying to achieve for a while but I never found the moment to begin!

Alejandro Pina (Senior Account Executive for App Cloud, Salesforce)

From the beginning to the end of the coaching process, Emma made me feel fantastic. She helped me to become aware of the situation that I was in, she challenged me and, the most difficult part, she helped me to achieve things that I would never have achieved alone. For that and much more, THANK YOU! I encourage anyone who has difficulties defining their business idea and sales message in English to talk to Emma, because she ensures that you clarify your ideas and reach your objectives.

Antonio Manzanares Martinez-Sagrera (Sales Director, Espaciarte)

Emma is a coach who is really passionate about her work. She gives her all and knows how to communicate and ask questions in a totally professional way. I was making quite a difficult decision and I needed someone to accompany me. I felt frustrated, tired and sad. Now I feel that I can make decisions without being afraid of what people will say about me. I recommend working with Emma without any doubt.

Rubén Ayúcar Tardienta (Digital Designer)

Emma has coached me over the last 6 months. She has helped me to set goals, understand what my real priorities are, and how to achieve them. Her approach is very effective and powerful; She knows what questions to ask to really make me think. Coaching with Emma has enabled me to grow my business with confidence.

Sarah Alexander (Director of Vivid Communication)

My experience with Emma was really good. She helped me to open up the way to going abroad and clarify my ideas about my career path. Although it wasn’t easy, I needed to let go of my fears and go out of my comfort zone. Currently, I have done that and I am now a few kilometres away from Spain! I will continue going for new experiences and making the most of opportunities. THANKS, EMMA!

Marta Toribio (Au Pair and Tourist Guide in England)