It all started with ‘The Roller Kids’…

After creating and co-leading a club called the “Roller Kids” when I was seven years old, it was obvious I was never going to follow a predictable career path… “Solving mysteries” has always inspired me, and I see the quest to uncover people’s true motivations and talents as one of life’s exhilarating mysteries.


Two months after graduating from The University of Warwick with a first class honours in History, I was training people in public speaking skills in Madrid, in multinationals such as Daimler, DHL, OHL and Janssen, and at universities, through Vaughan Systems.


Later, I returned to my beloved Erasmus city, Sevilla, where I worked for an e-learning company, writing contents, training, acting and doing marketing and sales. I gave Business English seminars for the Confederación de Empresarios de Andalucía and acted in crisis roleplays for Heineken. As the crisis in Spain worsened, many people were coming to me asking for help to find work abroad.


As such, I decided to set up my own company helping these people to find the right opportunities for them. At the same time I was taking part in leadership, emotional intelligence, NLP and coaching workshops, and I realised that what was missing from my company was coaching. I thus trained to be a professional coach.


I have coached and mentored people from SMEs and multinationals such as Microsoft and Renfe, entrepreneurs, job-seekers, and students from the University of Warwick and the University of East Anglia. In 2016, I co-wrote an award-winning book, ‘Haz Lo Que Temas Hacer’.


In addition, I have collaborated with organisations, such as Startup Europe and Andalucía Emprende. Last month, I trained employees of the international hotel chain Meliá in cultural change, in Mallorca, Ibiza and Malaga, with the training company, Coocrea.


My mission in life is to help others to feel content on their individual paths, by assisting them to make the most of their talents, and committing to my own quest for daily contentment. I value love, fulfillment and spirituality. And solving mysteries. I’m still a ‘Roller Kid’ at heart.