Career Coaching

Maybe you are feeling frustrated, bored and fed up in your current job. You would like to look for something else but you don’t have the time or you haven’t yet found anything that’s a real alternative. You have thought about starting up your own business and you keep telling yourself that you will in the future…

Perhaps it is worse than that. You feel trapped in groundhog day, stressed and close to burnout, looking back on what could have been if you had been truer to yourself and your talents and changed jobs or careers sooner. You cannot wait to retire… though you are only 35.

Or you may be an undergraduate or postgraduate who is really unsure what to do. You are choosing between several options and not sure where to head first – where you could make the most of your skillset and make a real difference.

Your professional satisfaction impacts on the rest of your life. If you condemn yourself to getting through hours and hours at a job that doesn’t fulfill you, you are essentially throwing away precious time that is yours. And none of us know how much time we really have.

Through online coaching & mentoring sessions, I will help you to:
  • Find work that motivates you, saving you time and energy.
  • Define your personal brand: Who are you and what do you want? Your vision, mission, skills, experience and talent.
  • Communicate your brand effectively on your CV, cover letters, Linkedin, social networks, in job interviews and at networking events and on your website if you decide to set up your own business.
  • Undertake effective proactive job search/client search strategies: Networking, Linkedin, personalised CVs and cover letters, social networks, blogs, web positioning.
  • Create a realistic, challenging and motivating action plan to work in what you want.
  • Communicate confidently and persuasively using powerful communication techniques.
  • Break the internal barriers that have slowed you down until now, increasing your emotional intelligence in all areas of your life.