Life’s a Piece of Sheet

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Do you ever feel fed up of doing what’s expected of you? How many of your talents have you not spent time with just because you felt you were “more productive” or “more successful” if you did something else? How many times have you been afraid to say “no” because the “yes” seemed that much more logical and safe? In my case, many. English productivity and pragmatism. Ughhh.

The truth is, the only expectations we are dealing with are those we have of ourselves. We choose how we see it all – what we should be doing and how well we measure up. We not only decide that we want to “fit in” but we define what fitting in means and then blame it on society. What if other people’s apparent “approval” had nothing to do with unleashing your full potential at all? What if rejection were the very engine to help your aeroplane finally take off?

Always look on the bright side of life. Life’s “a piece of sheet”, a blank paper that you can paint anew every time you reconnect with yourself and become aware that your life is taking place right now. You are the painter, the painting and the one that floats above and absorbs the colours. Play with that and give yourself the permission to fully express yourself. Stop thinking about it, talking about it and putting it on the pedestal of a non-existent future. Loosen your self-imposed reigns now and leap forward. If you start to feel embarrassed, shameful, guilty, resentful, unworthy… know that those feelings are coming from inside of you. Just part of the painting that can be transformed into new colours…. if you give your mind a split second of space.

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