Music Has The Answers You’re Looking For

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That song that makes your soul swim around in innocent pleasure. That tune that comes to your head and soothes you at unexpected intervals. That rhythm that has your body moving freely when everyone else is glued rigidly to their seats. The question is this. If “right now” were a song, how in tune are you to it?

I have started to notice that when I am off key or out of rhythm with what my mind is creating in the moment, I am thwarting the chance for beautiful music to be made.

Last weekend my band played at a music festival. As much, or as little, as I may have thought about the gig beforehand (will I forget the lyrics? Will my shorts fall down? etc), you can never really know how you’re going to feel when you are up on the stage.

Not only because of the quantity of unpredictable “variables” but because you have no idea how you are going to think and feel in the future.

As human beings, we are built for insight, new ways of thinking, new perceptions. If we…

…overload our heads with more musical instruments…

…create a preconceived idea about how the song is going to be…

…try to reject, modify or not listen to the song…

we do not create space for new music to happen.

To turn up the song in the moment and lower its destroyers, watch out for the following:

“I should have done”, “I should do”.

“I have to__and I have to__” (long lists of things to do).

“I’m not as beautiful/intelligent/cultured as other people in the room”.

“This is boring”.

“This is the best thing ever! Make it last! I need more of this!”

“This is so unfair. Why me?”

“What can I do to get away from how I’m feeling?”

Listen to your song today. Truly listen. And be open to being surprised. Only that way can you allow the magic of improvisation to do its thing.

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