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Foreshadowing the breakup of a long-term relationship, I accidentally deleted an album of photos. Another relationship tethered after my watch slipped of its own accord into the bin… This week my laptop had to go to the doctor… though it is thankfully now recovered. The message life is giving me is clear. Travel Light.

The lighter I travel, the more coherent I am with the message I share. You do not need absolutely anything – or anyone – at all to be happy. All the love and wellbeing is yours to share with whatever and whoever you want, as you travel through life. Not as a journey from A to B, but as a Marco Polo, appreciating the richness of everything that makes up your moment to moment experience, with a waterfall of possibilities cascading into each instant.

When you focus merely on routine, on the day to day and being productive and achieving, you confine your aliveness. This is it. This is your life. You create the cocktails that you drink in each second; you choose the ingredients and how you mix them. Be alert to getting so caught up in specific cocktails that you cannot even see other possible ingredients, other possible mixtures.

Take a breather this Christmas. It can wait. Allow some space for inspiration to come seeping through. Instead of overloading yourself with goals and objectives for next year, consider travelling lighter. Start to undo your dependencies on things and people. Choose activities and people that thrill you and help you to look after your precious energy.

I for one plan to give away or throw out some more “things” from my flat, reduce my computer and phone files to a minimum, and focus my awareness on travelling light. Yet, deep down I know that my happiness does not depend on doing that. And as is proven. If I don’t do it, life will do it for me.

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