You + Your September Objectives = Toxic Relationship?

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If you’re about to begin September in a frenzy of objectives, slow down for a second. The sea has its own current. Swimming against the current of your intuition is stress, anxiety and eventual burnout. Doing less with more awareness gives you the energy to become a wave that rises above what others expect of you, towards what you really want.

This weekend I swam in the sea in Tarifa, in the south of Spain. Tarifa is a spiritual place near Africa with stunning beaches, spectacular skies and countless kitesurfers. Immersing myself in the cool, clear water felt like breathing again after weekends spent in dry, scorching Madrid.

At first, I wanted to “make the most” of the water and I swam backwards and forwards, lost in thought. All of a sudden, I threw myself onto my back in the giant pool that spans across two-thirds of our earth, and I let go of all the old chitter chatter. Including the fear of sinking, being dragged out to sea, or being a shark’s afternoon snack.

I floated.

Slowly my body relaxed, as I felt the pure, salty water massage me from head to toe while I bobbed up and down. The sensation of releasing all imagined control and fully trusting something mightily more powerful than me, felt like being let out of a dark, stuffy room. I couldn’t know where I would head to and in fact, I barely moved at all. Everything that I needed was just there.

I opened my eyes and inhaled the sky’s promising blue. Wisps of clouds could slightly cover but never taint that blue. Swinging up and round, I saw a father and his son close by, splashing each other abundantly with huge, unmeasured smiles on their faces. I swam to the shore.

If next time I go to Tarifa I decide to take a kitesurfing lesson it will be because I have allowed myself to float there. Not because it is on a rigid list of objectives that have kidnapped my self-worth.

Float to unleash your potential this September. Today. Right now.

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