Your Stability Is Not What You Think It Is

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The idea of a “permanent” work contract seems funny in a world where nothing is permanent. I am often told that stability is:

  • A guaranteed steady income.
  • Having lots of money.
  • Being successful.
  • A “normal” relationship with a partner.
  • Having a family.
  • Being surrounded by friends.  
  • Health.

I know how addictive it is to measure how well we’re doing by these elements. To use them to convince ourselves that everything is going to be OK. It is an emotional tug, an alluring habit that causes deep-seated dependency.

We can have all or most of these elements and still feel insecure. Look at the quantity of rich and famous people who tragically decide to take their own lives. Furthermore, our insecurity increases when we resist change. We cling on to our perceived source of stability, like monkeys swinging obstinately on one flimsy branch.

Change, transformation and evolution are the natural paths of life. They flow from the inside out, when we are open to questioning what we have thought to be true. In that space insight arises, guiding us towards the natural expression of ourselves. In that space we express our talents, creativity and passion for life. In that space we can be truly useful to ourselves and others.

Your stability is within. Just knowing that, feeling that, makes all the difference. It doesn’t require intricately thought-out action plans or struggling and striving to achieve what others expect of you. It requires honesty, self-love and an understanding of how reality works. Moment to moment you are creating it and it is being created. Observe and learn. Have fun with it. Stability is a hilarious path.  

“If you think you need something for you to be happy, you make that thing your god. When you realize that the belief that you need any circumstance to be a certain way for you to be happy is a lie, you are totally free.”

 Kyle Cease.

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